What does it take to be a successful leader? I mean what sets that guy apart from me? We have all wanted to know the answer to that question. I mean, I have read the books, anticipated the speaker at the conference and listened to the podcast, but what is the formula that makes a great leader. Now, let me preface that there are amazing experts who provide great insight into leadership but, what is the character, the driving energy behind successful leaders?

I remember the day I wanted to be a leader. I was 15 years old and my very first job in a very well know takeaway chain. My manager was the meanest, vindictive, micro-manager I had ever had the privilege of meeting and I remember thinking “If I ever get the chance to manage people, I will treat them with respect and value.” Now, I say privilege because it was the day I embarked on a journey to develop leadership in my life. If it wasn’t for a negative encounter of a leader that was in my life I never would have had the desire to be a better one myself. To be a successful leader we need to understand what it means to be an example. And the reality is that as you read this you are an example. Either an example to follow or an example to learn from. Even from a bad experience I recognised a desire to be a better leader myself.
One thing that drives successful leaders is an intense need to learn from others example and that we often learn through tragic realisation. In other words we learn through tough situations that other people face. Successful leaders are able to grow without having the experiencing the tragedy firsthand. Instead, they adapt a mindset of recognising potential roadblocks through others experience and create a roadmap of educating themselves to be better leaders. From that day I was determined in my heart to see the person and not the roadblock. Because if we want to build people above all else then we are discovering what true, authentic leadership is all about. If I can leave you with this- What kind of example are you? And what could you work on today to be a more successful person?